A new white paper published by Stephen Wydkoop, Microsoft SQL server MVP, highlights the overall benefits of virtualising a SQL environment as well as the potential pitfalls of doing so.  Overall – he suggests the benefits completely outweigh the pitfalls so long as a reliable high availability solution is included in the overall architecture that will increase availability in the virtual environment.

Key benefits of virtualisation are identifed as:-

  • Capacity Planning
  • New Project Options
  • Gain New Controls
  • New Infrastructure Options
  • New Disaster Recovery Options

In other words, the whole SQL environment becomes more scalable, can include test and research environments without incurring additional hardware overheads, and becomes a much more manageable environment.  Reduction in hardware and all the related benefits of energy consumption and carbon emissions just add to the attraction.

Stephen finishes by recommending everRun VM from our own partner company, Marathon Technologies, as the high availability solution for a virtualised SQL environment.


Increasing reliability and availability in a virtualised SQL server environment
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