We’ve performed two large data restore routines for customers who have been targeted by the Cryptolocker ransomware virus over the past week. The perpetrators of this type of ransomware virus have been emailing it to huge numbers of people, targeting the UK and USA in particular. Like a notorious criminal, this malware has been associated with a variety of other bad boys – backdoor Trojans, downloaders, spammers, password stealers, ad-clickers and the like. Cryptolocker may come on its own (often via email) or by way of a backdoor or downloader, brought along as an additional component.


Decent antivirus and firewall protection are the first lines of defence against t his extremely disruptive type of virus attack.  Common sense is also a massive factor – do NOT click on unknown links in spam emails or download from spurious looking web sites or social media adverts.  But, no matter how sophisticated the technical protection, and however vigilant you and your staff are – everyone can get caught out by the ongoing variants of this aggressive threat.  The ONLY way to recover to the most recent virus free / unencrypted state is to use a secure, reliable offsite data backup solution.  Many technical commentators recognise that the biggest single thing that will defeat ransomware is having regular updated data backups.


Fortunately, our customers have completely recovered from their malicious attacks and are backed up and working again (including a customer with over 500Gb of maliciously encrypted data).  Make sure you are protected; make sure you don’t click on that unknown link – and MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP YOUR DATA SAFELY AND SECURELY.


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How to protect against Cryptolocker
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