247uptime-healthcare-infrastructureKeeping healthcare infrastructure systems up and running is more vital than ever right now.  But efficient healthcare is what the NHS aims to deliver day in, day out.


There are so many critical systems that need to be up and running that come under the umbrella of healthcare infrastructure: facilities management, building management, patient record systems, site security systems and more.


One example of a recent hospital project was at a new-build facility.  We were approached by the main building contractors who needed to deploy building management and energy management systems.  We helped them work on the design of a suitable solution that would ensure these software systems would be kept up and running automatically without human intervention.  A key requirement was that the system was split across the hospital for disaster recovery purposes: ie, if a fire or other disaster disrupted one server room, then the system would still continue to function with zero downtime and zero data loss.  Stratus everRun Enterprise with Split Site was a perfect fit for this project.  We worked with them on the initial design, implementation and continue to provide ongoing support.


We have also worked on existing systems in several hospitals which needed additional resilience to already established in-house systems.


Take a look at how we helped protect NHS patient managements systems.


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Healthcare Infrastructure Needs 24/7 Protection