GDPR compliant data backup for schools, academies, colleges and education

It’s here, it’s now and it’s a vitally important consideration. GDPR compliant data backup.  School, academy and college ICT-responsibles are going through the GDPR learning curve right now.  Whilst the manner of gathering and storing data on servers in school is of course very important, how to correctly back up the data off site in an encrypted, fully GDPR compliant manner is also a crucial element that needs addressing.

Showing you are getting the back up right is a sure indication to any authority auditors that you are on the right track.  But, more important than just ticking the ‘compliance’ box, you need a solution that is simple, runs quietly in the background and incrementally backs up to multiple UK-based commercial data centre locations.  You also need peace of mind that once backed up, any GDPR related data deletion requests are handled suitably by your chosen data backup provider and that mirroring the deletion from the school server through to the offsite data backup system is automatically undertaken after a ‘cooling off’ period or, as we call it, your retention period.

It is also good to know that the chosen solution provider has a track record of super-fast data recovery should ransomware/virus attacks occur on all of the data, a small subset or even down to an individual file or record.

Replicate Data for education has a proven track record of backing up curriculum, SIMS and indeed all other school, academy and college server based data.  Data is password protected, military grade encrypted, deduplicated and compressed for super efficient data backup purposes.  Configurable backup scheduling, version control and retention policy means you are in control of when and how your data is backed up.  But don’t worry – we do it all for you.

More information is available on our Data Backup for Education page.

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GDPR Compliant Data Backup for Education