GDPR compliance legislation fast approachingWhat do the 50th anniversary of the release of ‘Jumping Jack Flash’ by the Rolling Stones, 49th anniversary of the release of the ‘Midnight Cowboy’ film, 41st anniversary of the original ‘Star Wars’ movie franchise and the enforcement of GDPR legislation all have in common?

They are all 100 days from today!

That’s right – just 100 days before individuals, organisations of all sizes and government departments need to be GDPR compliant.  It’s pretty complicated legislation but, from a data handling perspective, pure common sense.  It requires safe storage and handling of personal data, safe deletion when requested (or when it is no longer relevant for the business to keep it) and safe/secure backing up  of such data.  It’s good business practice anyway.

So within the next 100 days, do ensure that your data is stored securely and backed up in a safe, encrypted and GDPR compliant manner.  Ideally, this should be off site but still in the UK (if you don’t know, do ask where your data is stored).

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GDPR approaching fast!