24/7 Uptime provides ftServer x900 fault tolerance from Stratus TechnologiesStratus Technologies have announced the release of the latest range of leading fault tolerant hardware – the ftServer x900 series.


ftServer is already the global leader in ensuring continuous processing through component or full physical server failure, keeping systems up and running to availability levels that surpass 99.9999% uptime.  In the always on world of today, systems including banking, stock exchanges, oil & gas systems, high level military and national infrastructure, transport and related security, smart buildings and many more need constant availability.  Critical systems used in these sectors are already using ftServer to ensure always on processing – and the opportunity to advance to an even more powerful and efficient platform is now available.



So what’s different in the ftServer x900 series?

Quite simply – more power!  The impressive range of solutions starts with entry level 2900 unit for affordable, stable, standalone applications in remote offices, branch offices or shop floor applications.


The mid-range 4900 unit provides versatility for rapidly growing or evolving applications in regional offices, remote plants or regional data centres.


The high performance 6900 unit is the perfect fault tolerant platform for data-intensive or transaction-intense applications in large remote plants or corporate data centres.


The complete range gives you the flexibility to choose from 20 CPU threads to 64 CPU threads and from 16 Gb to an impressive 640Gb DDR4 memory.  Storage starts at a very entry level 300Gb SAS 2.5″ to a mighty 267Tb of high speedy full fault tolerant capacity.


ftServer x900 – the techie stuff

ftServer is a self-contained ‘fault tolerance in a box’ solution with fully integrated hardware and patented fault tolerant software solution in a single robust chassis.  Unique to Stratus, ftServer incorporates the Automated Uptime Layer (AUL) which consists of redundant field programmable gate arrays, data paths and lockstep firmware.  Hence the AUL provides the necessary processor synchronisation, data replication and logic to provide continuous availability even in the event of component hardware failure.


Each ftServer is made up of two identical customer replaceable units (CRUs) each with identical processors, memory and storage, all kept in synchronisation and automatically managed by the AUL.


The x900 range now incorporates the new Intel Xeon Silver and Xeon Gold processors and maximum memory bandwidth of 190 GB/s (Intel UPI speed of up to 10.4 GT/s).


The ftServer x900 series offers the most powerful self contained fault tolerant solution to date.  Coupled 24/7 monitoring services, virtually zero on site IT support is required after installation.  This makes the ftServer x900 series suitable for the harshest, most remote critical processing environments.


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ftServer x900 from Stratus Technologies