Airport systems, banking systems, global stock exchanges, credit card transaction systems, oil gas & utilities, data centres forming part of the global internet infrastructure, media and broadcast systems …. what do they all have in common?


We take the services of all these industries for granted and every day touch on these technologies in one way or another.  Imagine a world where you cannot rely on the constant availability of these systems: no internet, banks out of action, not cash in the ATM, no power!  It’s back to the dark ages and simply unimaginable in our always on world.


Constant availability within a large percentage of such service providers is thanks to the deployment of Stratus ftServer fault tolerant hardware   ftServer provides unparalleled levels of system availability – more than 99.9999% uptime from a simple, solid and robust fault tolerant server solution.


Learn more about how ftServer fault tolerant hardware can ensure YOUR critical systems are available 24/7 – watch our video here:


So now you know – when we pay by card and the transaction just works; when we flick a switch and the lights come on; when we want to book a flight and the system is available.  ftServer handles the load.


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ftServer Fault Tolerant Hardware Handles The Load