food manufacturer upgrades SCADA systemsAnother big day for 24/7 Uptime commissioning engineers last week: we were upgrading the SCADA systems for a food manufacturing plant that makes 1.2 million ready meals each week for one of the UK’s top supermarket chains.


SCADA systems (supervisory control and data acquisition) are the beating heart of manufacturing systems.  They are used to input recipes and to schedule processing runs and cleaning routines for individual production lines.  The site we visited last week had 14 separate automated production lines.  SCADA systems also provide valuable management feedback reports, performance statistics and health & safety information.  They also store individual bar code batch and individual package information for end to end product traceability, from source to plate.  In short: no SCADA = no food leaves the factory.


Our team upgraded the SCADA systems already used at the site from older software code written many moons ago to a more modern software system.  We also brought the operating system and overall environment up to date.  Of course, we installed the solution on a modern, robust, high availability server platform to ensure the factory not only performs to the highest levels of efficiency and safety but is up and running 24/7.


We’ve helped our customer ensure that quality ready meals make it from the factory to store, to customer, on time, every day, all year round.


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Food Manufacturer Upgrades SCADA Systems