edge computing resilience from 24/7 Uptime and Stratus‘Edge Computing’ is a term that is widely used in the tech world these days.  It loosely describes systems that are at the edge of a centralised network (ie, non data centre located) but are typically part of a larger integrated overall deployment.  However, many edge computing systems are absolutely mission critical – requiring data centre type levels of resilience – because unscheduled downtime could mean huge loss of revenue, reputation or even risk to human life.


Typical examples of edge computing include UK NHS critical BMS systems, railway management & security systems, offshore and onshore oil and gas control systems, scientific research & test facilities, secure monitoring systems and many more.


But what about the systems that keep those large central data processing facilities (ie data centres) up and running?  Are they centrally located data centre systems or are they actually mission critical edge computing systems?  We think they need to be considered as mission critical standalone edge systems.  They are NOT located in the main data centre processing hall but are standalone systems within comms or control rooms; they are typically managed by facilities management teams and not data centre server and network specialists; yet they need to be up and running 24/7 to ensure the data centre facility itself runs efficiently.


We have protected many data centre management systems in the UK and across Europe, keeping power, cooling systems, access and security systems up and running to ensure seamless processing within the actual data centre hall/s.  Stratus fault tolerant and high availability solutions (everRun, ftServer and ztcEdge) are purpose built standalone solutions that satisfy this requirement, ensuring zero downtime and data loss for out of data centre critical environments.


When considering a data centre management system, don’t overlook the standalone nature of the systems that keep the facility up and running.  Contact us to discuss how 24/7 Uptime and Stratus Technologies’ unique edge of network solutions will ensure your facility is always up and running 24/7.



Edge Computing – How Do You Protect Yours?