Increasingly, we are living in an ‘always on’ world.  Businesses and customers need instant availability of data and the ability to exchange data in real time.  Organisations rely on software applications such as SQL in order to meet those requirements – they can no longer afford to tolerate application downtime.


When it comes to high availability techniques though, many IT departments have so far relied on ‘good enough’ availability. That is to say they have accepted solutions that react to problems and therefore incur system downtime.  The focus has been on speeding up recovery after a fault has occured – rather than preventing system downtime in the first place.  But it really doesn’t have to be that way.


The release of Marathon everRun MX 6.1 now means that companies running critical systems such as SQL do not need to continue with a ‘good enough’ attitude to system availability.  Marathon everRun MX 6.1 eliminates system downtime by pooling together the resources of two or more host servers, working together as a single unit and now without any compromise on processing power and speed.  everRun MX is already the world’s first software based fault tolerant solution for virtual environments that does not rely on shared storage; it now has even more processing power and features with the release of MX 6.1.


Key features:

Full Fault Tolerance – delivering 100% continuous availability through failures at both system and component level.


Self Healing – operation does not require IT department intervention or specialised skills.


SMP and Multi-Core Support – everRun MX 6.1 is the only software-based fault tolerant solution that protects applications requiring symmetric multi-processor /multi-core support.


Hyperthreading – everRun MX 6.1 is the first fault tolerant software solution to provide environments with hyperthreading enabled.


Hardware Agnostic – everRun MX 6.1 is a software-only solution that runs on commodity, off-the-shelf x86 hardware platforms. It is completely hardware agnostic and lets you use any type of off-the-shelf storage (direct attached or SAN).


Reduced Virtualisation Overhead – everRun MX 6.1 leverages the Intel Extended Page Table feature of the VT-enabled Intel Chipset architecture, reducing the virtualisation overhead associated with these workloads and improving overall performance.


Holistic – protects all components in the application infrastructure including servers, off-the-shelf storage (either internal or external array) and the network.  This eliminates the need for multiple point solutions for availability.


Single Operating Environment – everRun MX 6.1 is a single operating environment with only one IP address, hostname and MAC address. Users, clients and applications need only to connect to one system and never have to make changes to this, even when failures occur.


everRun Snapshots – everRun Snapshots provide backup of an operating environment at a single point in time, either manually or scheduled, without any downtime. Snapshots can then be exported as part of a backup and recovery strategy.


Offsite DR and Replication – optional offsite data transfer, replication and failover for the ultimate in end-to-end resilience. Read more about everRun MX Extend disaster recovery solution.

Marathon everRun MX 6.1 is the next generation of system availability protection for the ‘always on’ world.  Don’t compromise and settle for a ‘good enough’ solution any longer for your critical applications.

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Don’t accept ‘good enough’ for your system availability