Replicate Dental - dentist data backupAnother great recommendation for our Replicate Dental dentist data backup solution – thank you very much Georgeta at Woodlands Orthodontic Practice!


With Replicate Dental, we provide a simple, secure yet GDPR compliant solution for dental professionals.  So if you are searching for a specialist dentist data backup solution for your dental practice, please call us on 0161 366 8499 or  get in touch.


Our Orthotrac orthodontic practice management software was only backing up manually to a disk – not automated and not off site. So Replicate Dental is brilliant for me – it means I do not have to remember to run the backup routine every day, it just runs for me AND backs up to both the disk and off site to 24/7 Uptime’s data centres. I even get notified that it has run ok overnight for full peace of mind. It’s a fantastic solution.

Georgeta Iosub, Woodlands Orthodontic Practice


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Dentist Data Backup: Testimonial – Replicate Dental