Data backup solutions Manchester 247uptimeNo organisation can operate without data. Contracts & legals, sales & accounts, customer, patient & student records.  Paper records are useful of course but are easily lost/destroyed and take up sooo much space!

For almost 10 years we have provided data backup solutions from our Greater Manchester base that are used nationwide by business, opticians, dentists and education providers.


Of course the advent of GDPR has brought lots of new data backup providers to the market who want to capitalise on fears of non-compliance.  But if your data is critical to your business, you need to protect it with a professional, business-friendly, business-class data backup solution.  So when you are making your purchasing decisions, do ensure you are comparing apples with apples rather than apples with pears!


Do you get the following from your current/proposed data backup provider?


  • UK based data storage – encrypted, password protected and GDPR compliant.  Our data is stored in Greater Manchester based data centres so we can visit when necessary.  Do you know where your data is held? And who could have access to it?
  • Real human beings providing support when you need it – not a dropdown FAQ web portal with poor response time.  Can you pick up the phone and speak to someone immediately and in your time zone?
  • Proactive monitoring of your data backup solution; we fix issues before they escalate into a real problem;
  • Automated email notification sent to you every time the backup routine runs;
  • We back up any type of data: emails, images, databases, as well as Word documents ie everything that is important to your business;
  • You decide at what time the backup solution automatically kicks in (multiple times per day?  no problem).  You can also manually force a backup if you have made lots of changes and want them backed up straightaway;
  • Version control – we can keep amended versions of documents for whatever period of time you decide is right for you.  So you can restore the version of a file or folder from 3 days ago, 7 days ago, a month ago, etc.

In summary – we provide a feature rich, professional backup solution; not ‘stack ’em high, sell ’em cheap’ data backup with poor restore speed and faceless support.


Want to find out more?  Please call us on 0161 366 8499 for a no obligation chat.

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