It’s been an interesting time at 24/7 Uptime Towers recently, particularly on the offsite/online data backup customer service front.  We noticed that several clients hadn’t backed up their data for a couple of weeks or so: definitely not their usual pattern and slightly too long for the annual summer holiday rule to apply.  So we contacted each of them and asked if they needed any help.  And here’s what we found:


User 1 found that his online data backup software had been uninstalled.  A short remote logon session direct to his PC fixed that problem.


After another remote logon session we found that User 2 had installed a new firewall that was blocking the java aspect of our online data backup software, so preventing it from working.  Ten minutes later, it was fixed.


User 3 had recently moved offices and the data backup software hadn’t worked for a few days.  A quick visit to their new office confirmed that their PC equipment hadn’t been installed correctly.


User 4 had simply changed her work patterns and hadn’t had the system switched on at the correct backup time so it couldn’t do its job.  A  quick reset of backup time resolved that one.


As one of these backup clients said to us: “It’s great to know that 24/7 Uptime are watching and thinking for me. As a user, you set it up, pay a small monthly cost for it and then can forget about it. But it’s really nice to know that the 24/7 Uptime team are keeping an eye on things. A phone call or email asking ‘What’s happening with your data backup?’ is very reassuring. And there was nothing wrong with the backup – it was down to me. I’m very impressed that you’re checking; it’s a very good service.”

Data Backup + Proactive Service = Happy Clients!