247uptime data backup data restoreData backup and data restore is business continuity on a smaller scale but no less important to a small business owner.


Whilst many businesses are asking employees to work from home, or indeed furloughing their workers, our Replicate Data customers can rest assured that their critical business data is safely backed up.  Even if computers and other devices are not switched on for several weeks, the data remains safely stored in an encrypted and secure manner.  And that helps everyone get on with ‘business as usual’ once this dreadful virus has been beaten.


Unfortunately just today one of our customers who is working from home rang to tell us that his main PC had suffered a critical disk error – which means a replacement computer needs to be ordered.  As soon as this is delivered, we will quickly download all the data we have stored from the last time the PC was active and switched on.  That’s a huge relief to him.


If you have any queries about our data backup and data restore services then do get in touch.  In the meantime, stay safe, stay distanced and trust that Replicate Data is keeping your business safe too.


Data Backup And Data Restore – Business Continuity