247uptime-critical-systemsThe 24/7 Uptime  team is back on the road - and is keeping critical systems up and running across the UK.

Of course the COVID situation has meant that site visits to existing and new customers have all been on hold.  The good news is that our fault tolerant solutions have automatically ensured zero downtime and zero data loss for the most critical systems.  So we've helped to keep UK industry running throughout this difficult period without the need for any additional human intervention.

During the last month, we have resumed site visits (fully distanced and with appropriate PPE of course) and already NHS, financial sector and scientific testing sites have benefitted from our engineer expertise in preventing system downtime.  We are delighted that has included existing clients and some new ones as well.

Why not find out more about how your critical systems can be protected to the highest levels of fault tolerance?  Call us on 0161 366 8499 or get in touch.

Critical systems need 24/7 Uptime
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