critical-operating-systems-cloud-edge-computing-iot-smarttech-247uptimeWhat’s the definition of cloud computing? What about edge computing? In data centre computing? Smart technology? Industrial internet of things?  We’re a technology company and all the jargon can make it confusing, even for us! No wonder so many companies looking to make the best use of today’s technology to protect their critical operating systems don’t know where to start.  Or they start off down one track, realising that an alternative solution would give them the operational simplicity they really needed in the first place.

Can your critical operating systems afford any downtime?

We like to think of things in a much simpler, easier to understand manner.  Can your critical operating systems afford any downtime? If the answer is no then, no matter what jargon is used to describe it, we have the right solution to keep it up and running to the appropriate level of resilience.

For example, we have recently been working on protection of systems that manage huge new and ambitious data centre facilities in Northern Europe.  In other words, smart systems that manage energy / temperature / fire suppressant systems in physical data centre facilities (ie a big energy guzzling building housing lots of customers’ computers and data storage devices).  Is that defined as cloud or edge computing? Or is it smart technology? Or maybe IIoT? In fact, is it all of them?

Similarly, we have installed fault tolerant solutions on servers sitting within the data centre facilities themselves.  We’re also working with companies who require always on computing for systems that keep people safe and secure in public spaces – and in server rooms at the customer’s own site – and on site at manufacturing factories.

We prefer to focus on operational simplicity.  No matter where the servers/technology lives, no matter what it does, if your critical operating systems need to be up and running 24/7 then that’s where we come in.

We ensure the right level of resilience is applied –  a little more information about fault tolerant & high availability solutions here.

So please get in touch with 24/7 Uptime to achieve your 24/7 uptime!

Critical Operating Systems Need 24/7 Uptime