Another ransomware cryptolocker attack quickly reversed and resolved with Replicate Data

choose off site data backup as part of your cyber security measuresThis week we came across a very inventive new ransomware/cryptolocker attack, one we haven’t seen before.  One of our trusted resellers (who provided expert IT support to their local SME sector) contacted us asking for assistance with a data restore.  Their end client is one of the leading names in the dieting world and, with January approaching, they can’t have their data and systems out of action!

The nasty little blighters behind the ransomware attack had wormed their way into the customer’s server and changed all their files and folders to end in a very unsavoury file extension name.  Everything ended in one of the most versatile words known – regularly used as a verb, noun, adjective, single word exclamation (you get the picture).  Imagine opening up for business on Monday morning and all files end in the word .****.  You can fill in the blanks – and I guess you may even shout that exact word with some volume on occasion …..

The IT team (our reseller) placed a quick call to us after they had rebuilt the server so we then restored all their data from the Friday before the attack took place.  Everything will be up and running and working again by the end of the week.  Our reseller is taking the opportunity to make some network/infrastructure changes – otherwise it could have been business as usual by close of play on Monday.

Nobody is safe – any system with connectivity to the outside world can be susceptible to a ransomware attack.  So do make sure you have a reliable, automated, off site data backup routine in place so you can quickly restore should the nasty little blighters attack.

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