Fault Tolerant & High Availability Solutions to Keep Your Systems Up & Running 24/7

As Stratus Technologies UK experts, we work closely with end clients and systems integrators across many industries to ensure the critical software components of their overall solution are kept up and running 24/7. Why not join them? High availability and fault tolerant solutions are what we deliver day in, day out.

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Smart Buildings & Security

Protect building automation & security systems: ensure safety and reduce threats.


Oil, Gas & Utilities

Matching real-time supply & demand, security and tampering are real issues.



Healthcare providers have exceptional needs: lives may depend on system uptime.


Data Centres

Fault tolerant solutions are vital for data centres where 24/7 uptime is key.



Even a minute of downtime can compromise safety, products & reputation.


Broadcast Infrastructure

Silence is not always golden – especially for broadcast media organisations.

Always On Technology: forget the hype – seeing is believing!

Banish system downtime forever. Book a webinar with the fault tolerant experts. 30 minutes of your time addresses all your team questions in your own exclusive webinar session.

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Keeping Your Business Up & Running

247uptime stratus fault tolerant & high availability solutions

We provide both hardware based and software based fault tolerant, high availability and disaster recovery solutions from Stratus Technologies.

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Success Stories

247uptime satisfied customers and industries

We are proud to work with some of the very best organisations around - take a look at just some of the clients we've helped with our fault tolerant, high availability & data backup solutions.

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Data Backup. How Do You Do Yours?

No organisation can operate without data. Contracts & legals, sales & accounts, customer & student records. As well as data backup solutions for business, we also work with opticians, dentists and the education sector. Take a look to find out more:

Data backup for dentists, dentist data backup, Replicate Dental
247uptime protects education, schools & academies