What is your expected mission critical server lifespan?

What is your expected mission critical server lifespan?  4 years?  5 years?  How about 24 years?


Stratus Technologies fault tolerant server platform provides continuous processing for critical applications, completely eliminating any downtime.  So they decided to put this to the test and, as well as gathering real time feedback from thousands of deployed systems and boasting an average uptime of 99.99994% – they searched for their longest running server implementation.

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It turns out that a system installed in 1993 is still running – and although certain parts have been replaced, more than 80% of the original component set is still in place.  This has resulted in continuous uninterrupted system availability for a very satisfied US steel coating company for 24 years!  A planned system upgrade later this year will likely see the system finally put out to retirement.

So how do you protect your critical applications and systems?  Get in touch with us about Stratus fault tolerant solutions today – could you beat a 24 year record?

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