Offsite Data Backup

No business can operate without data. Contracts, sales records, proposals, accounting records, business contacts and emails make up invaluable assets that you can't lose.

Yet how often do you remember to take a data backup? Weekly? Daily? And where do you keep your backup CDs or memory sticks? Stored safely so you can recover data in an emergency? Or in your office next to your computer perhaps? Have you tried a test restore to check they work?


24/7 Uptime provides businesses and other organisations with a secure, automated offsite data backup solution.  Replicate Data, our online data backup software, removes the worry of protecting highly critical information.  In other words, we help our clients sleep easy at night.

Offsite/online data backup: benefits for your organisation:

Easy to install, easy to use, easy to restore;

No specialist IT skills required;

Automatic backup – no need to change disks, tapes, etc;

No need to take media off site for security purposes;

Extremely cost effective at less than £1 per Gb of data;

Save time and effort without retrieving offsite media;

No capital investment in drives, media, infrastructure or scheduling software required;

All data is encrypted and password protected for security;

Restore single files, folders or a complete server, PC or Mac.

Data Backup for Education

Need a viable alternative to Redstor?  Our off site data backup service is used by schools, academies and other education establishments to backup and protect their data.

Choose data backup for education that is fully automated, military grade encrypted for security, backed up to UK-based data centres for real peace of mind yet is extremely cost effective.

School data backup

Wouldn’t it be good to know that your data is automatically backed up and securely stored off-site every day? With Replicate Data it is!

Did you know?

1MB of data is worth approximately £10,000;

Rebuilding just 20MB of lost data could take around 3 weeks to complete;

A single leaked record can cost £180 to rectify;

Retrieval of data from a crashed hard drive is expensive with no guarantee of success;

More than 50% of automated tape back-up solutions fail

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