High Availability Hosting

Tired of downtime excuses from your hosting provider?

Today's businesses must be available 24/7 and that includes critical web sites and applications.

Companies invest a considerable amount of time and money in ensuring in-house technology is available and kept up and running, no matter what.  But when it comes to their web presence they compromise.  So why pay for a dedicated server hosting solution that does not incorporate the same technology that keeps in-house systems up and running?

Need HA hosting? Not all high availability solutions are created equal

24/7 Uptime offers hosted dedicated virtual machines (VM). That means the processing power is provided by multiple physical servers, removing the restrictive limits of relying on one physical piece of hardware. But we don’t stop there. The whole environment is protected by leading high availability technology. Windows or Linux dedicated virtual server environments are protected by this globally recognised high availability solution. It is already used to keep the most critical processing environments up and running, no matter what. As you would expect the whole hosting environment benefits from the usual power, air conditioning, multiple internet backbone infrastructure resilience, etc, from modern commercial data centre environments.

Our solutions are all tailor made to suit each client’s hosting requirements. We can provide a dedicated or shared server; Windows or Linux; Plesk or CPanel access or other (or none). Our environments can be managed for you or unmanaged; we can provide granular incremental backups, basic daily snapshots, fully monitored or basic environments – all this is available. You pick and choose the elements you need.

Surely you’d prefer to receive a call from us saying a hardware issue has been fixed and your web sites unaffected – rather than being constantly on the phone to your hosting provider, asking when your sites will be back up and running? Or, worse still, receiving complaints from all your clients because they are losing business and reputation?

High availability hosting benefits:

  • Windows and Linux environments are protected by leading high availability technology;
  • Complete platform resilience with zero downtime in the event of hardware failure;
  • Easily upgradeable and scaleable to match your ongoing requirements;
  • Full network, power & air con resilience as standard;
  • Competitive costs via monthly subscription.

The 24/7 Uptime team are specialists in high availability solutions.  We provide a personalised and bespoke high availability hosting service – but at an extremely cost effective price.

Contact us to discuss your high availability hosting requirements.

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