You need specialists who can keep your critical systems up and running, 24/7. We provide server fault tolerance, offsite disaster recovery, server hosting that never goes down and offsite data backup solutions. We take the time to listen to your requirements and offer the very best solution and service that fits your needs.

We are the leading high availability specialists in the UK and experts in Stratus fault tolerant solutions including everRun (formerly Marathon everRun) and the ‘solution in a box’ ftServer.  Our clients rely on us to prevent application downtime, eliminate data loss and reduce operational costs. These affordable solutions allow you to run your business operations without interruption.

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Fault Tolerant Hardware

Higher than 99.999% uptime, superb performance and a virtually maintenance free solution ‘in a box’, Stratus ftServer is the perfect choice if you prefer a hardware based high availability solution.


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Fault Tolerant Software

Fault tolerant software – on standard hardware.  Business continuity is key: your business critical applications must stay up and running 24/7. See how Stratus everRun Enterprise software can help your organisation and eliminate application downtime on your preferred server brand.

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High Availability Server Hosting

Business critical web sites and online environments live in the ‘Always-On’ world so high availability resilience is a must.  Available on a monthly subscription basis, see how our high availability server hosting packages, protected by leading high availability software, can help your business.

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Data Backup for Optometrists & Dispensing Opticians

Optometrists and opticians must comply with clinical governance requirements and the Data Protection Act.  Learn how our data backup solution for optometrists & dispensing opticians, Replicate Retina, can backup and protect retina scans and confidential patient information.

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Off-Site Data Backup

As a progressive and growing business, what would happen if you lost all your data?

Replicate Data is 24/7 Uptime’s simple, secure and cost effective off-site back up solution.

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