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Whether you’re moving people or cargo, keeping everything on schedule requires systems that are always available.

Travel the world’s airports, railway stations, motorway networks and toll roads and you’ll find Stratus everRun and ftServer solutions automatically monitor vital applications and proactively prevent downtime.  Stratus solutions for high availability and data protection make them ideal for the travel, transportation and logistics industry, where even the briefest computer outage can create wide-ranging problems.  ftServer and everRun’s automated high availability technology provides fault tolerance to ensure applications remain protected when networks, components or entire servers fail and even when there are no IT people around to react to problems.

Travel, transportation and logistics businesses rely on Stratus solutions:

  • To keep people and cargo moving;
  • To prevent downtime of traffic & plant operations management control systems (OMCS);
  • To ensure information displays and passenger announcements are maintained;
  • To ensure passenger, cargo and visitor data is never lost;
  • To monitor and control materials handling;
  • To monitor inventory control systems around the clock;
  • To maintain customer access to order information;
  • To protect order and shipping information from loss;
  • To avoid late deliveries due to distribution system downtime.
“Due to the critical needs of the station management system at the newly refurbished King’s Cross Station, we needed a high availability solution with zero operator intervention in the event of a server failure – and the failover should take place with no loss of system availability. Stratus everRun addressed all our criteria in one hit. We have undertaken heavy tests and the software has delivered every time. 24/7 Uptime’s assistance throughout the project has been outstanding.”
Russell Bennett, IT Solutions Architect, Fourway Communications
Kings Cross success story

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