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Stratus everRun Enterprise is the next generation fault tolerant software solution that ensures business continuity and data integrity

Unlike other non everRun family solutions, everRun Enterprise prevents downtime rather than recovering from it.  It’s easy to use, has centralised management tools and now keeps Linux as well as Windows environments (including non-server OS) up and running 24/7.

Take a look at this short video: Stratus everRun Enterprise, software defined downtime prevention for industry standard servers

Match the level of resilience you need to the criticality of your system(s) with everRun software solutions:

  • everRun Express: for important systems that can tolerant short & infrequent downtime.
  • everRun Enterprise: for complete system fault tolerant protection.

everRun Enterprise Benefits

  • Prevents application downtime and protects data in all locations;
  • Ensures no business interruption and ensures compliance;
  • Works with off-the-shelf industry standard servers;
  • No shared storage requirement;
  • Can run both single & multi-threaded Windows (PC & server) & Linux applications fault tolerantly;
  • Can monitor applications and every component of your system;

  • Automated load balancing;
  • Single easy to manage control portal;
  • Automated ‘dial home’ support option, enabling fastest possible support response times;
  • Embedded Linux KVM hypervisor;
  • Single or multi-site protection available using everRun SplitSite technology.

Do you need single or multi site protection?

everRun host servers can be located in a single server room or geographically separated across two different sites using SplitSite technology – ask us for more information.

For complete network protection, add on Stratus Monitor application monitoring.  This gives complete application, operating system and connected device monitoring together with alerting and automated fault resolution/restart.  Combining Stratus everRun and Monitor provides complete protection of your entire mission critical environment.  Ask us for more information.


For complete end-to-end application protection, add on the everRun DR module to your everRun fault tolerant host servers.  Local failures are then handled by everRun 2 x host fault tolerant protection; complete site outages due to server room fire/flood/disaster are handled by the DR failover module.  Contact us for more information.

Stratus everRun Enterprise - features at a glance
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Contact us for more information and to learn how everRun Enterprise can ensure business continuity for your organisation.

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