Replicate Retina Data Backup

Replicate Retina Data Backup
Replicate Retina

Replicate Retina is a secure, automatic, offsite data backup software solution for opticians and optometrists.

We understand that secure storage and fast retrieval of data is critical for opticians and optometrists.  Replicate Retina from 24/7 Uptime backs up all the data you need to run your practice  – automatically, every day –  and stores patient records safely and securely.

Replicate Retina protects sensitive patient information such as appointment/sales information, patient details as well as current and historic retina scan images.

There is no limitation to the optician specific systems Replicate Retina protects – including Eyecap, Topcon and Vector retina imaging solutions, Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) scans as well as front of house booking systems.

Replicate Retina also protects all those business critial information such as Sage and QuickBooks accounts, Outlook emails, Microsoft Word, Excel and other Office documents.

Privacy and confidentiality is paramount:

Replicate Retina backs up critical information vital to the running of a modern optician / optometrist practice in a secure, encrypted and password protected environment.  This ensures practice data and patient records are completely protected and patient confidentiality is guaranteed.  Without knowing your password, even our own technicians cannot access the data we backup.  Data is stored at two geographically dispersed data centres, more than 5 miles apart from added disaster recovery resilience.  You receive a daily email notification with a simple summary report, confirming your data backup status.

There should always be backups kept off site – my own view now is that the best off site backup is to use an online system via your internet connection. I have been talking to 24/7 Uptime, a local company that some opticians already use, and they appear to offer a very good ‘fit and forget’ solution. If you don’t feel your IT knowledge is up to ensuring it will work, then this company offer a hand-holding help service to assist you.”
Trevor J Warburton, former Chairman, Stockport Local Optical Committee
“As the largest optician store in the area, we take the security of our patient data very seriously. Having someone take the worry away from you is worth its weight in gold. Our data is now backed up, automatically, every night so we don’t need to think about it. 24/7 Uptime do everything for you; it’s a small price to pay to know you’ve got a secure backup system in place.”
Frances Prescott, Specsavers Stockport
“Replicate Retina is a brilliant service – I’m really happy with it. The team were very pleasant and knowledgeable when they called in; the data backup installation was done and dusted on the same day and the costs are very reasonable. It’s real peace of mind that allows me to sleep easy at night.”
Andrea Kay, Kay Downs Opticians
“Replicate Retina now allows us peace of mind to cover any catastrophic event by automatically backing up data off site every night. We still maintain a belt and braces policy as we concurrently do tape backup, but we are not reliant on individuals to ensure that the manual procedure is completed and the tape taken off the premises. Replicate Retina is a monthly subscription service, so there’s no capital expenditure involved, and the team are friendly, approachable and proactive.”
Nick Black, Director, BBR Optometry
“I endeavour to provide my patients with a high class service and one of the key elements is the clinical history they build up with me at the practice. Increasingly this information is stored electronically so if this data is lost, the patient clinical history is lost. That means I would have no images to refer back to and a loss of clinical data for patient care needs. Replicate Retina gives me the confidence that this data is securely backed up and to a standard required to ensure it is encrypted to levels required for me to meet stringent NHS regulations.”
Matt Jinkinson, Jinkinson Opticians

It’s crucial that your practice complies with clinical governance requirements and the Data Protection Act.  Don’t rely on your staff backing up data to tapes, CDs, disk drives or memory sticks – Replicate Retina automatically does this for you, every day.

We help you to assess the amount of data you have, install the software and work with your IT support technicians, whether they are internal or external.

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