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Stratus everRun

Stratus everRun Enterprise is the next generation high availability / fault tolerant software solution that ensures business continuity and data integrity.

  • Keeps Linux as well as Windows environments (including non server OS) up and running 24/7;
  • Prevents application downtime and protects data in all environments;
  • Automatic load balancing of multiple virtual machines as standard;
  • Can monitor applications and every component of your system.

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Stratus ftServer

Stratus ftServer provides fault tolerant protection of critical applications from a single dedicated unit.  2 x individual server ‘slices’ work together in a single unit with resilience provided at hardware level.

  • Eliminate downtime from a single, easy to deploy Stratus hardware unit;
  • Deliver powerful performance with minimal processing overhead;
  • Fully managed and supported remotely; limited or no in-house maintenance required.

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247host is our high availability hosting solution for dedicated or shared servers.

  • Provides high availability hosting Windows or Linux environments;
  • Complete network, power and air con resilience as standard;
  • Competitive costs via monthly subscription.

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Replicate Data

Replicate Data is our offsite data backup solution.  It’s simple, secure and automatic – what more could you ask for?

  • Automated: no need to remember to backup or change disks, tapes, etc;
  • Secure: data is encrypted, compressed and password protected;
  • Easy to install, easy to use, easy to restore: no specialist IT skills required.

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Replicate Retina

Replicate Retina is our specialist offsite data backup solution for opticians and optometrists.

  • Protects patient information as well as current and historic retina scan images;
  • Backs up retina imaging solutions such as Eyecap, Topcon & Vector;
  • Protects front of house appointment/booking systems and practice admin systems.

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