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There has been a lot of discussion over the past few days about cyber security threats – and there seems to be a general misconception that only large government offices and big corporates are affected by this.  Sadly, that’s not the case – businesses of all shapes and sizes are affected.


The global cost of cyber crime surpassed drugs trading several years ago.  Criminals are targeting everyone by infecting devices with Trojans, spyware and ransomware and, with the large amounts of data increasingly held on tablets, phones, PCs, laptops and all manner of devices, the situation will only escalate.

Data backup software from 24/7 Uptime

Last week Ciaran Martin from the National Cyber Security Centre was again reminding everyone to keep their devices up to date as far as patches and upgrades are concerned, as well as backing up your data as a basic commonsense line of defence.


Coincidentally, one of our customers contacted us within hours of this broadcast because they had been infected with ransomware and wanted our help in getting their records back.  We do back up lots of their data but they had made an internal decision to continue with a manual backup of one particular data set that was large and crucial to their business.   Human beings are the most unreliable part of a data backup routine so inevitably they hadn’t done a manual backup for several weeks.  So whilst we have helped them to restore most of their data, there’s a large gap that we can’t assist with.


No matter what device you use – no matter what size of business you run – do keep your systems up to date and ensure you use a reliable backup system every day.

If you want to find out more about our offsite data backup or request a free trial then please call us or get in touch.

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